Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let's hope it doesn't get this bad.

But if it did, it would be pretty damn funny.

Gartner's associated website is pretty cute, too. I was already thinking of DIY-ing the invitations, so I'll definitely take a look at them when the time comes.


BookBabe said...

You have really exhaustively explored this - I know it's something I thought about (all those years ago), mostly out of simple feminist concerns. It came down, for me, which man's name I would use - my father's or my husband's - and they seemed about equivalent to me. Your proposed solution seems feasible - ask FH about a woman from our church (Bonnie) who did not change her name legally, but she refers to herself as Mrs. Husband's Name, especially as a pre-school teacher in the church. The only way most of us even know she is legally Ms. Maiden Name is if she writes a check. We have a family in our school in which the son has the mother's last name and the daughter has the father's last name - the parents are married - which is an intriguing approach. I also have a few hyphenated-name kids, but many more whose moms kept their names and the kids have the dad's name. It is no longer something we even take notice of. Most female physicians I know use their maiden names - one exception is a husband-wife OB/GYN team that has, not surprisingly, a very traditional patient base! I know another H/W OB/GYN team with the wife keeping her old name. So, it seems like anything goes!