Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Be Safe, Call the Bride by Her First Name

To Be Safe, Call the Bride by Her First Name

Should we organize a softball game to decide whether or not I take Eric's last name? We played a kickball game at his sister's wedding weekend cookout, but there wasn't anything at stake. If I were to do this, we couldn't have any young uncoordinated cousins participate. Or most of my bridesmaids. No offense to them.

I haven't addressed this issue much since my last post on the topic. But I think that means I'm just going to be Dr. CurrentLastName and Mrs. WhateverOtherPeopleWantToCallMe. No big deal. No paperwork.

I did find out that it is possible to exist with multiple names, though. My friend who got married in May exists as Maiden Name on her social security card, and Husband's Name on her driver's license and most other paperwork -- she just hasn't gotten around to contacting social security. And another friend who got married in March is "Melissa Ann Maiden Husband." Since there's no hyphen, she informed me, she can go by Melissa Maiden or Melissa Husband. Her driver's license has all four names.

But here's a good tip I read on WeddingBee: when making honeymoon reservations, be sure to book them under the groom's last name, even if the bride is the one making the arrangements, because if the hotel/cruise/etc is going to give you any little greeting cards or gifts in celebration of your honeymoon, they're going to address them to "Mr. and Mrs. WhateverLastNameYouBookedUnder." Unless, you know, you like a good laugh.


Lauren said...

So have you seen this video: Have you decided on your first dance yet?

hwong14 said...

That's pretty awesome, but I don't think I have the guts to do it myself. I do think it would be pretty cool to be on The Real Wedding Crashers, though!