Monday, January 7, 2008

The Venue! Part 3

On the same day, we saw both the Louisville Science Center and Glassworks. I was late getting to the Science Center, so Eric was left holding his own with the sales woman. Despite some instruction on my part as to what questions to ask, I don't think either of them was very comfortable until I got there.

The science center is located in Louisville's downtown West Main District, which is notable for having largest collection of cast iron facades in the country outside of New York's SoHo.

The science center's Riverview Room is on the other side of the building from the entrance (shown above). It looks onto the river, with roughly this view, but from higher up:

The view above is looking straight to the north and a little to the west. Unfortunately, to the east, there's a view of the construction site of the just-started Museum Plaza, and while the sales person said they don't think our view is actually going to be obstructed, I wasn't too optimistic. The room was actually two rooms -- a very large space with exposed pipes that would be the main area for dinner and dancing, and a smaller, rectangular space to the side that is often used for cocktail hour, staging a buffet, or, in our case, for the ceremony itself. If we started the wedding before the science center exhibits closed, our guests would receive free entry and could come early to look around, which I thought was very cool. Unfortunately, the ceilings in this otherwise-gorgeous urban, loft-type space weren't very tall, and it gave the whole room a much smaller feel. Plus, they wanted a little more money than I thought was worth it.

Of the four finalists, we easily crossed this one off of our list.