Saturday, April 19, 2008

eBay is addictive

I went on eBay the other day to buy a new phone charger because I left mine in Maryland. I ended up watching/stalking about 20 eBay auctions for tiaras/hair combs.

I won a hair comb tonight. Who knows if it will look good, but it was less than $10.

At the last second, I lost out on another auction, for a barrette. Why oh why didn't I just make my maximum bid higher to begin with?

And just now, I bought myself a veil. I stayed up an extra 40 minutes to watch the auction close and bid at the last minute. Only $18, score! Does anyone else see a problem with this pattern of behavior?

And oh yeah, I still haven't bought a phone charger.

Other things that are tempting to buy from eBay:

  • Old (unused) 27-cent stamps (perfect for postcards now; damn you, Martha Stewart for that great idea!)
  • Cake toppers (thankfully most are trashy or ugly so I'm not too tempted)
  • Fabric by the bolt to make my own table runners. Can you say "CRAZY"?
  • Pretty, pretty ribbon. Just because.


Lauren said...

I love the comb you won! Its so pretty!!

Crissy said...

Good deals you got there!!

I bought my veil on Ebay too - a woman on there custom-made it for me, for something silly like 20 bucks!