Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Negative Anniversary!

365 days to go! Holy #$!%!

Tomorrow will mark the actual 52-week mark, since the wedding's on a Sunday. It's beautiful here today, 69 degrees and sunny, with a projected high of 72. Tomorrow should be 82 and mostly sunny. I'd be happy with either of those forecasts for the actual wedding day.

Things we've crossed off the to-do list since getting engaged back in August (wow, NINE months ago!):

  • Picked a date
  • Had our parents meet
  • Signed up for a wedding-only credit card (so we can track the depressing number that represents how expensive this is all going to be)
  • Booked a venue
  • Asked our wedding party to celebrate with us
  • Had engagement photos taken
  • Picked out my wedding dress
  • Booked a hotel block (it's not quite done; they can't finalize it until 51 weeks out)
  • Designed a wedding website (it will go live soon, I promise!)
  • Booked a photographer (details to come!)
  • Ordered our save-the-dates (yes, it's early, but there was a printing promotion going on, so I wanted to take advantage)
  • Started a wedding registry (no, I'm still not sharing)

(Big) Things we still have to do:
  • Book a caterer
  • Buy my wedding dress (I'm waiting to lose a couple more pounds, haha)
  • Interview and hire an officiant for the ceremony
  • Finish registering
  • Decide on a honeymoon destination once and for all (Scotland is looking more and more expensive, sadly)
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Work on all the millions of details that previously were too tiny for me to legitimately think about so far out from the big day. But did that stop me from doing it? NO WAY! I just get to talk about it now :)

It's crazy to think about, but it's only 1 year away!