Monday, June 2, 2008

Wedding mishaps

My Google Reader is mostly filled with health and science news feeds and wedding blog feeds, as well as some personal blogs of people I know. Every now and then, I wonder, in the midst of reading an article, why I keep coming across so many articles I find particularly interesting, then realize that I have created a completely selective reading experience and brush off my "this is too coincidental" feeling.

But sometimes I come across wedding stories in unexpected places, like CNN and NY Times (Science section). Today I came across two.

A puking bride, crazy squirrel and a fire

Wedding crasher flew in, and the lawn wore white

I'll keep my fingers crossed that none of these things happens at my wedding.


Amber said...

Wow - that second story, I live 15 miles away from the place the storm hit! LOL I actually VIVIDLY remember it!

I never expected to find something taking place here - and I'd like to note...Marine isn't! LOL.

Thanks for sharing these Love it!