Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Usually I'm an inclusive wedding planner

A conversation from the other day

Me: Do you have any opinion about using a dark purple table runner on our reception tables?
Eric: I just don't want anything so long that it gets in people's way or in the way of things on the table.
Me: No, this would just be a strip of purple fabric no longer than the tablecloth, just for a punch of color against the white. No objections to the color or the idea or anything except potential interference with people's comfort?
Eric: No, I don't really care.
Me: Well that's good, because I already bought them. Done deal.
Eric: laughs


E.S.C. said...

You forgot "bitterly".
Eric: (laughs bitterly)

Blablover5 said...

Well at least you asked him. You can always point that out.

Anonymous said...

sounds familiar :)