Sunday, January 25, 2009


Having a conflict-free diamond is important to a lot of people. Before I got proposed to, I had thought a little bit about the issue, but not much, to be honest (I promise I'm not a horrible person!). I have to admit, I don't know much about the details of conflict in the diamond industry, other than:
-DeBeers has a monopoly on the whole gig.
-People get hurt and/or killed in the diamond mining industry, and not in the same way as coal miners.
-Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a movie about it. I didn't see it. I heard it was good.

But essentially, we never really discussed engagement rings, so the topic of the type of stone I might want never came up. I have no idea if Eric ever thought about it or not. (In case you're wondering, he ran his proposed design past my sister Laurel, who approved it. She knows my tastes very well.)

After I got proposed to, I just assumed my diamond was inherently conflicted, since I figured most diamonds were (otherwise, why the big deal over ones that aren't?), and because Eric never mentioned anything about it. I didn't want to bring the topic up, if the answer was going to be that it was conflicted, so I just kind of ignored it. It's not as though I didn't love my ring -- on the contrary, I LOVED it (and still do)! And the diamond is perfect -- a great example of the beauty of the four C's. But every now and then, I felt a tiny pang of guilt.

But guess what! I was just checking out the website of the jeweler where Eric got the ring made, Haas Jewelers,* and amidst the not-so-fine print, was this proclamation:

"We support the Kimberley Process and the system of warranties to ensure diamonds are conflict free. We are members of the American Gem Trade Association and adhere to its Code of Ethics to support fair trade in gemstones."
And I asked Eric if he knew whether the diamond he bought me is conflict-free, and he said, "I can't remember. I think so." Boys.

However, I'll take the jeweler's word over his for this one, which means I don't have to feel (as) guilty any more. In Eric's words, "it is conflict-free, so you can be, too." Whew!

And to celebrate, here is a picture of my ring, taken by me, in the style of Anne Ruthman, and cleaned up for me on Photoshop by Introverted Wife.

*I was checking out the Haas website because I have another jewelry-related project in the works. Hint: it involves the other rings we need to buy!