Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nope, we didn't register it. We've sort of decided not to do our own wedding website, although that was based on theoretical cost and effort and it might not actually be that expensive or effort-full, so we'll see. We haven't set up a free website, either, yet, but that's beside the point right now.

If you would, please open up a new tab (or window, if you're not using Firefox or even the newest version of IE), and click on over to And then click on "wedding."

There's another set of us?!!?!? And Eric actually knows the other Eric -- they're from the same part of Pennsylvania and went to high school together, apparently. I do not know the other Holly. But they got married in Princeton (Massachusetts) and I'm from Princeton (New Jersey), which is near Worcester (Massachusetts), which is where my dad did his reserve training the whole time we lived in Princeton, NJ, and where my good friend (and bridesmaid, although she doesn't know it yet) Karen lives with her husband and their new daughter, Lily (the prettiest newborn baby I've ever seen in my life).

Talk about crazy coincidences! And grr to them for stealing our domain name.

What do you think about We both think it sounds better the other way around, but it looks like that's not an option. (It's available and suggested!), or maybe

These are not necessarily serious inquiries for your opinion. We may do nothing at all.


Katie said...

What about



Just a couple suggestions.

PCJ said...

Um, that is too weird. Eric Klose sat next to me in the french horn section of 9th grade wind ensemble.

He was also part of the couple who celebrated their "negative dating anniversary," while he was living in Germany and they anticipated the beginning of their dating relationship when he came back to the states.

hwong14 said...
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hwong14 said...

negative dating anniversary = ew.