Thursday, October 4, 2007


You definitely need to have your wedding shoes before you get your dress altered. But me? I think I need my shoes before I even buy my dress.

At 5'1", I'm on the short side of things. I like wearing all types of shoes, flat and heeled alike. Eric, on the other hand, is 6'2", which means if we're going to be doing something like dancing, I need all the help I can get. I have a great pair of 3" black strappy sandals that I wear for most fancy occasions, and I've taken a couple looks at Zappos and Piperlime to see what similar things I can find in white (that would be not much, at least, not in my preferred price range).

But after going dress shopping with my mom and sister last month, I realized how important it really is going to be for me to find shoes before I settle on a dress. A lot of dresses come in a few lengths that you can choose from, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with a dress that doesn't have a lot of room for length alterations -- that is, dresses without waistlines where waists can be pulled up, and with detail at the hem, so skirts can't be cut at the bottom. So I need the tallest shoes I can find and then the shortest-available dress I can find.

The dress that -- at this point, anyway -- I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy (I wrote the post about dress shopping, but I'm not going to post it yet, because it's pretty ridiculous that I found it on the first day of shopping, only a few weeks after getting engaged) comes in lengths of 55", 58", and 61". My own hollow-to-hem length barefoot is 51" -- so I either need 4" heels or a shorter dress.

I haven't been impressed with the shoes I've seen in white so far, and if I really need to find the shoes first, I need to find them (relatively) soon. But you know what? When am I ever going to wear white shoes again? Probably never.

But look! Not all brides wear white shoes!

Her feet look pretty damn cute in red. And this bride is on the prowl for red shoes as well. So silver is definitely a possibility (the dress I'm eyeing has silver embroidery). As is now purple, as well. Yay!

So as soon as all this surgery craziness is done with, I can start shopping for purple shoes :) And a venue, but you know... accessories first.


Lauren said...

I think this is my favorite picture of non-white shoes for a wedding:


hwong14 said...

ooh, very cute.
red is my second-favorite color. mostly because i am always willing to wear it and not a lot of people are so it has that shock factor. if i keep seeing pictures of adorable red shoes, i might have to scrap the purple idea. or clash. whatever.